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Core Team

Since the inception of the project in October 2018, over 127 individuals have been contacted for work (full time, part time, or contract), review, and consultation. 18 of these are part of the team, another 42 are engaged in varying capacities. The team is as follows:

Name Background Title Project Role Location
Bhagwant Singh BS in Engineering Assistant Engineer (Retired) Grammarian & Panjabi Translator Panjab, India
Gurpreet Kaur BS in Computer Science & Management Science Information Systems Head of IS Strategic Initiatives, Global Analytics, Divisional CIO Product Manager & Technology Lead Florida, USA
Harinder Singh BS in Aerospace Engineering, MS in Engineering Management, MPhil in Guru Granth Sahib Co-founder & Director of Innovation Sikh Research Institute Project Lead, Reviewer & English Commentator Florida, USA
Harjinder Singh MA in Panjabi, Diploma in Persian & Urdu Research Associate, Gurbani Linguistics, Sikh Research Institute Etymologist Rajasthan, India
Inni Kaur Poet, Author & Educator Creative Director, Sikh Research Institute English Editor Connecticut, USA
Ishmeet Kaur MA, MPhil, PhD in English Assistant Professor, School of Language, Literature & Cultural Studies, Central University of Gujarat English Reviewer Gujarat, India
Jasleen Kaur MA in Religious Studies & South Asian Religions Researcher, Sikh Research Institute English Transcreator & Commentator Virginia, USA
Jaswant Singh MA in Religious Studies, PhD in linguistics of Guru Nanak Bani Director of Gurbani Research, Sikh Research Institute Content Lead, Reviewer & Panjabi Transcreator Haryana, India
Lakhwinder Singh MA in Religious Studies, MPhil & PhD in Sikh Studies, Diploma in Urdu & Sanskrit Research Associate, Sikh Research Institute History & Philosophy Researcher Panjab, India
Rajinder Singh MA in Hindi, PhD in Hindi Literature Professor & Head, Dept. of Hindi, Guru Hargobind Khalsa College Poetics Researcher Panjab, India
Sohan Singh MA in Panjabi, PhD in Panjabi Dialects Assistant Professor, Dept of Panjabi, Guru Hargobind Khalsa College Panjabi Editor Panjab, India
Surender Pal Singh MA in English & Religious Studies Researcher, Sikh Research Institute English Translator British Columbia, Canada

Strategic Advisors

Name Title Project Role Location
Inder Mohan Singh Founder, Chardi Kala Foundation Gurmat California, USA
Mohanbir Singh Clinical Professor of Marketing Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Marketing Illinois, USA
Satvinder Singh President, Twenty-Second Century Technologies Technology Pennsylvania, USA

Project Team

Name Background Title Project Role Location
Albel Singh MS in Conservation Biology & Genetics Research Technician Digital Calligrapher West Midlands, England
Asha Kaur BS in Political Science & Government Research Assistant, Sikh Research Institute Persian Transcriptor New Jersey, USA
Bharpur Singh Researcher & Educator Gurbani Teacher, Sri Guru Angad Dev Institute of Religious Studies Grammar & Meaning Reviewer Panjab, India
Charanjit Singh MBA in Information Technology CEO, Sequent Inc Technology Specialists New Jersey, USA
Gurwinder Kaur MA in English Assistant Professor, Government College, Ropar English Translator Panjab, India
Gurwinder Kaur MA, MPhil, PhD in Music Assistant Professor, Music Dept, Khalsa College for Women Musicologist Panjab, India
Harbhajan Singh MA in Music Senior Research Fellow, Nad Music Institute Musicologist Panjab, India
Jagtej Singh MA in Sports Management Research, Sikh Research Institute Researcher Haryana, India
Jasleen Kaur BA in English Independent English Tutor English Translator Maharashtra, India
Jatinder Pal Singh BS in Business Management, Diploma in Sikh Studies Research Assistant, Sikh Research Institute Researcher Panjab, India
Joga Singh MS, PhD in Agriculture Professor & Chief Scientist (Retired) Grammar Reviewer Jammu, India
Kuldeep Singh BS in Informational Technology Senior Developer, TSCTI Developer Panjab, India
Manjit Singh MA in Gurmat Sangit, PhD in Acoustics Director, Nad Music Institute Musicologist Washington, USA
Manmeet Kaur BS in Computer Science Technical Director, Sequent Inc Technology Specialists New Delhi, India
Monminder Singh Cultural Producer, Brand Strategist & Open Source Software Developer Director of Strategy, Skyrocket Digital Design Lead British Columbia, Canada
Satvinder Singh BS in Computer Science & Engineering Senior Architect, TSCTI Tech Solution Architect New Jersey, USA