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Word Definition
Commentary Provides an open interpretive contextualization of the message contained in the Banis (Compositions) for our current times.
Etymology Provides different forms of the words and their possible meanings in the respective languages.
Footnotes Provides additional information regarding the tagged text in general or a specific term being discussed.
Grammar Within the “Word-Meaning” section, it lists all the grammatical aspects/functions of a word in the text.
Interpretive Transcreation Provides an interpretive explanation of the original text from the Guru Granth Sahib in modern Panjabi and English.
Introduction Provides an overview of the message contained in the Banis (Compositions).
Literal Translation Provides the literal translation of the original text from the Guru Granth Sahib in which all words, meanings, and contexts available in the source text have been retained.
Meaning Within the “Word Meaning” section, it lists all possible sets of literal meanings and the implied meaning of a word.
Note Provides a summary, clarification, or explanation (where necessary) of the message.
Poetical Dimension Provides poetic aspects of the Banis (Compositions) through the utilization of known standards of poetics as well as a brief overview of figures of speech, poetic forms, and the elements of stylistics.