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There are three Sabads revealed by Guru Nanak Sahib (1469-1539) recorded under the title ‘Maru Kaphi’ from pages 1014 to 1016 of the Guru Granth Sahib. The first two Sabads have eight stanzas each, and the third Sabad has seven stanzas. In each Sabad, the stanza of rahau is separate from these other stanzas.

In the first Sabad, grief caused by separation from IkOankar is described. Even after acquiring worldly comforts, the being remains miserable due to this separation. Therefore, a plea has been made to IkOankar, to dye us in the love of IkOankar. In the second Sabad, the transient nature of worldly relations has been emphasized. An understanding has been given that eternal union with IkOankar is possible through the Wisdom (Guru). In the third Sabad, by describing the virtues of IkOankar, it has been stated that the being who connects their consciousness with the Nam of IkOankar through the Wisdom (Guru) is able to make their life stable.