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The Sikh Panth’s/faith’s and Gurbani’s historical and interpretive texts do not contain any details about this Sabad’s utterance. Therefore, it would be worth considering this Sabad in the context of the Sabads titled Kuchaji and Suchaji. In Kuchaji, there is a self-realization by the human-bride (seeker) that she is ‘lacking virtues.’ The Kuchaji longs to be virtuous like Suchaji (graceful seeker) to unite with the Divine-Husband. In Gunvanti, the seeker asks the Sikh of the Guru for guidance on walking the path and acquiring those virtues to become Gunvanti, or ‘full of virtues.’ In this context, it can be said that this Sabad may have been uttered in the sequence of Kuchaji and Suchaji, to further expand the virtues of the human-bride as described in Suchaji.