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In this Sabad, the Guru identifies himself with suchaji, adopting the female voice of the graceful bride or seeker. The suchaji expresses a difference in perspective than the kuchaji. She knows the path, has complete faith in the Divine, feels the Divine presence, and walks in accordance with the Will. Because of these qualities, she is no longer uncertain but calmed and content.

Through this Sabad, seekers are shown that walking in accordance with the Will, and accepting the Will of IkOankar, is the highest skill or virtue (suchaj) of life.

The term ‘jiu’ has been used at the end of each line in this Sabad. This term’s repeated use leans towards the aesthetic and musical understanding and seems to express endearment and respect. Consequently, it is included in the translation to mark its appearance in the original text. It is not being used in the transcreation since it does not play a semantic role.