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Through this Sabad, the Guru identifies himself with ‘kuchaji,’ adopting the female voice of the ungraceful bride or seeker who does not know the path, and thus feels disconnected from the Divine.

The ‘kuchaji’ reflects on her own faults and how they affect her relationship with the Divine-Husband (IkOankar). Due to her self-realized shortcomings, the ‘kuchaji’ feels that she is unworthy, and therefore, not pleasing to the Divine, despite seeking to be. She lovingly hungers for a connection. She sees those truth-oriented friends who are connected and longs to be like them. She asks for the Divine-Husband to grace her with a moment of union. She is brave in her vulnerability and loving in her seeking. Through this Sabad, seekers are taught the manner of realizing their shortcomings and seeking grace from IkOankar.

The term ‘jiu’ has been used at the end of each line in this Sabad. This term’s repeated use leans towards the aesthetic and musical understanding and seems to express endearment and respect. Consequently, it is included in the translation to mark its appearance in the original text. It is not being used in the transcreation since it does not play a semantic role.