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The first stanza of this Sabad describes the excitement of union with the Divine-Husband (IkOankar). The seeker is keen to enjoy bliss by experiencing IkOankar (the Divine) through the eternal Nam. The second stanza states that when the dearest IkOankar is experienced, the heart blooms with joy. All flaws are removed, and the heart overflows with virtues. The third stanza emphasizes that IkOankar is pervading each and every being. IkOankar by Own-Self is the bestower of the joy of union and by Own-Self the enjoyer of that union. In the last stanza, IkOankar is called the Sovereign of the three worlds, in whose court only the precious jewel of Nam is accepted. Through the Nam, the being recognizes their inner-self and becomes like the eternal IkOankar.