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The fifth pauri is accompanied by two saloks. The first salok is comprised of four lines and the second is comprised of twenty-six. In the first salok, there is a description of the Divine-play (rās) in creation. It is suggested that nature itself is performing a Divine-play in which, parts of time and elements of nature are characters. The second salok contains three parts. The first part constitutes a satirical narrative of a theatrical performance (rās līlā) - being carried out by actors, performers or street-artists. It explains that instead of making human life worthy through gaining an understanding of the mystery of the play of nature, human life is being wasted by engaging in superficial plays. The second part mentions the life-sketch of IkOankar’s servants imbued with IkOankar. In the third part, there is a satire on dance-rotations of the street-artists being compared to the devices rotating on their axis. In the pauri, it has been mentioned that the Nam of the formless IkOankar, when remembered in the spirit of complete surrender, is the right course of action to attain spiritual freedom.