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The eighteenth pauri is accompanied by three saloks. The first salok has six lines, and the second and third saloks have four lines each. The saloks use satire with rational arguments to counter the so-called traditional belief of sutak (a superstitious practice done for a few days after the birth of a child), and redefines it to give it a new meaning. The first salok depicts the pervasiveness of sutak and offers the Guru’s wisdom as its remedy. The second salok describes various immoral human acts as the sutak of different sensory organs, because of which the human is shown to be suffering. The third salok openly rejects the idea of sutak and establishes the supremacy and pervasiveness of IkOankar’s Command. The pauri eulogizes the greatness of the true Guru and encourages the individual to seek the sanctuary of the Guru to remove one’s shortcomings/faults.