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The seventeenth pauri is accompanied by two saloks. Both the saloks have four lines each. With the backdrop of rituals conducted for deceased ancestors, the first salok satirizes the charity done from ill-gotten money and states that it is only the wealth earned through honest labor that is worth sharing. By way of illustration and imagery, the second salok exposes the hypocrisy of a liar. While keeping the idea of the transient nature of the world at its center, the pauri expresses the futility of attachment to worldly materiality and forgetting IkOankar.

Note: According to certain denominational scholars, these saloks have been uttered while addressing two Kshatriyas of Lahore named Mangu and Bhāgu. However, Bhai Santokh Singh suggests (in Gur Pratāp Sūraj Granth) that these saloks have been addressed to Duni Chand.