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The eleventh pauri is accompanied by three saloks. There are six lines in the first salok, ten lines in the second salok, and four lines in the third salok. In the first salok the prevalence of falsehood and the lack of truth resulting from the negative effects of Kaliyug (present times) have been described. The second salok depicts how the entire world is living under the influence of vice. No one is untouched by the influence of vices, be it a king or a minister; or at any level of social status, the informed, the wise-ones, the religious, the scholars, the celibates, or the ethical, etc. The third salok informs us that even though all consider themselves to be supreme respectively, however at IkOankar’s court, the only yardstick of measuring one’s greatness will be the honor they receive there. The pauri depicts the helplessness of the beings and informs that only that individual is able to liberate from the influence of falsehood and merge with the Truth, on whom IkOankar bestows the enlightenment of Guru’s wisdom.