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The twelfth pauri is accompanied by five saloks. The first salok has two lines, the second salok has three lines, the third salok has four lines, the fourth salok has three lines, and the fifth salok has two lines. Two lines of ‘rahāu after the first salok are separate from these. In the first two saloks, Guru Granth Sahib’s perspective on the notions of pain (dukh) and happiness (sukh) have been described. The third salok informs that the devotion to the eternal Divine is the ultimate concern for people of all castes and classes. The fourth salok designates one Creator as the only source of illumination, the supreme, and the original source of all consciousness. In the fifth salok the importance of the Guru is highlighted, for the Guru is the source of spiritual wisdom that is essential for mental equipoise. The pauri reveals that in comparison to education, good conduct is considered as the only measure to get accepted at the Divine court.